D’Lights Tour And Crew Catering Service

The Food Served Behind the Scenes

Anyone who has ever been to a concert of their favourite band or artist knows the urge to meet them backstage. But there is a lot more that goes behind that curtain beside the artists getting ready for the stage.

Artists and their large crews need sustenance to create that wonderful and upbeat atmosphere you enjoy at the concerts. And for that purpose, D’Lights Event Caterings back stage catering services are hired. These services are fall within the niche of music and tour catering.

We know that back stage & tour catering is much different from the normal every day restaurant or hotel catering. It is not a fixed time period where people will dig into food and then go their separate ways. A concert involves a large number of people besides the main artists.They need food and drinks while the event is all prepped up, is building up to its peak, and when the site is being cleared. On the other hand, we have music festivals that can go on for days.

Therefore, the job of our backstage catering chefs and other staff is much more difficult. Many of our skilled chefs will bring their efforts together to provide a 24/7 service. There will be full-cooked breakfast, lunches, and dinners. Salad bars and a deli selection is also included. To round it all off, our chefs will create mouth watering desserts.

The Depth of Backstage Catering

Planning and preparation for single music tour or festival can take months. Given the complexity of an event, the preparation begins from the catering D’Lights Event Caterings office. However, experience backstage catering companies have the expertise to provide the serviced at a week’s or few days’ notice.

We will hold several meetings with the tour / production managers to develop a layout for what is expected at the music tour or festival.

Backstage Catering Challenges

The location of the music tour or festival can greatly impact the service. When the concerts, tours, and festivals take place outdoors, it can pose a

Challenge for the for some Companies. Weather can range from sweltering sunshine to extreme downpours. While it will not affect the serving of the food, it can cause problems for the logistics.

In extreme hot climate, it is difficult for the chefs and their staff to work in suffocating kitchens. Using electrolytes to fuel the energy level and keep the kitchen cool become essential. In cold and rainy water, the catering crew will have to keep the food essentials dry. More over, menus often have to be adjusted on spot to accommodate for the weather.

Quality of Food

Like any other food service, back stage caterers don’t ignore the standards of quality. Ingredients like produce and condiments are acquired in their freshest condition. Only the best suppliers are hired for this purpose.

In conclusion, backstage chefs and food staff overcome tough challenges to meet delight the music artists and crew while they complete tough jobs of their own. Music and tour catering companies employ the best of the food industry standards to offer the best backstage food experience.