Event Catering in London

Have you ever dreamt of hosting the perfect event? Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, whether you have a hundred guests or just five, a well-managed event with yummy food is the only one that people enjoy and always remember. If you want to be able to be the person whose events everyone loves to attend because of the praise they have heard, all you need is our assistance and voila! You have nothing to more to worry about. Here are some specialties we offer that will give you an idea of our quality of service.


Finding a good barbecue place is pretty hard in the UK. There are only a few places that offer the true essence of a barbecue. What a good option would it be to serve amazingly delicious barbecue on your events? Our event catering in London as well as in the home counties offers all types of barbecue you can imagine. You can get halal barbecue to vegetarian barbecue. Our specialty includes our unique sausages and lamb dishes. We have designed multiple menus which include a good combo of meat, sauces, and salads. You can decide which one suits your needs best.

Healthy catering

We realize that in today’s world, a lot of people are very health conscious. To cater with that, our corporate catering as well as other event catering in London incorporates a healthy menu. You can choose between vegetarian meals, low fat meals, no carb meals, and even no nuts or dairy meals. Our special diet menus have a full-fledged event menu with all dishes that will satisfy your requirements. These meals will be perfectly suited for people who are on a low-cholesterol diet, want to lose weight, have a high blood pressure issue or suffer from heart issues. Other than amazing taste, this menu helps minimize breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, appendicitis, obesity, heart diseases, and pretty much any medical issue that is related to a bad diet. Could you imagine that caterers in Greater London would be able to offer such high-quality, healthy food? Now, you don’t have to be health conscious anymore and simply hire us for a healthy yet memorable event.

Take no risk on your perfect day

Weddings are the occasion when the hosts have the most pressure on themselves. On this day, nothing can go wrong whatsoever. We feel your pain, we understand your requirement, and so, our event catering in London is readily available to handle wedding events. Our expert team has a perfect plan devised for every wedding. Do not worry, this plan is altered according to your needs. Every minute detail is considered. There are certain things that even the host forgets but we never will. Whether it is the search for a perfect entertainer or the choice of the flawless menu selection that suits all guests, our team members will listen to you and advise you accordingly. We can manage events in marquees, open spaces, and any other possible location. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding event management once you choose us. All our work will match your theme. We will even provide your required cuisine in coordination with the theme for a wedding that looks like a fairytale.

The quality of our catering services remains firm in all events, regardless of how big or small they are. Even if it isn’t a wedding, we still put in the same amount of effort and dedication in considering the tiniest details for perfection. Baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, engagement party, business dinner, or Bar-Mitzvah, whatever the occasion is, we have the skills to manage it. We are also able to offer food menus that go with the event’s nature. Long story short, we are a dedicated team of professionals who know what they’re doing and there is nothing you have to worry about anymore.

What makes us unique

You may wonder why you should choose us for event catering in London when there are hundreds of other caterers in London. This is why we want to let you know what makes us unique. Our catering service is not just about catering. We aim to provide not only a high-quality catering service but also to make your event a success. We treat every single client as a member of the family and every single event as an event that we’re hosting ourselves. I, as the owner, am a very dedicated person. Catering is not a business for me, instead, it is my passion. Therefore, every event I cater, I cater with responsibility and love. I have won multiple awards in the field of cooking. Not only do I have awards to prove my chef skills, I have also been the former executive chef of Gilgamesh London. My experience, mixed with a lot of dedication, is what is helping us as a team to quickly become one of the leading corporate catering companies in London. Now, we also offer event catering in East Anglia. If your event location is in any of these areas, contact us and we’ll make your experience perfect beyond your imagination. You can hire us for event catering in London for managing the whole event. Or you could simply let us know of which items you want and our Hot Box Delivery will deliver them to your footsteps. This way you can serve healthy, yummy food even if the event is something small like a private dinner. This service can be specially availed by people who are working on tours, for example, a film crew who is on the go but needs hygienic food.

It is true that it can get very hard for perfectionist people to leave the work on someone else’s responsibility. However, we assure you, one experience with us will force you to change your mind. So if you want the perfect event, stop wasting time and book us right now!