Allegen Awareness Plan


D’Lights can work with you and help you set up a healthy eating programme for those who are seeking that much needed healthier lifestyle. D’Lights Dietary Awareness programme is designed for both corporate and individual needs to prevent or reverse high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and other conditions that may be caused by your unhealthy eating practices.

D’Lights Dietary plan can help you immensely whether it being saving you money on the junk food that you buy or lead you to that healthy life style that you have been craving for, but just not the help or belief to do something about it. By providing you with our fresh and delectable recipes you will be sure that you will start to see and feel a difference in your everyday life style if you have the will power to stick to your aim and goal.

So come and speak to us and we will lead you in the right direction for that healthy kick start you’ve been craving for.