Our Foods

Every menu we create is designed to work for you, your guests and your event no two menus are the same as we work with our clients to make sure that we create perfect menu around the style of your event

All of our ingredients are carefully selected through our chosen supplier list to make sure that our food remains of that exceptional standard that we as a company thrive on. We then woven these ingredients into your chosen dishes and presented with style and precision.

Upon developing our impressive menus and preparing our culinary dishes influenced by culturally diverse regions around the globe we know we can design a bespoke menu around your event.

We only work with suppliers specialising in seasonal, traceable, organic, wild, foraged & rare breed ingredients.

Our dishes are designed to give your event that little extra bit of a wow factor
For the more larger and tranquil events and product launches and contracts we will arrange tastings to ensure you have exactly what you want.