Mock Turtle soup
A consommé with shredded oxtail served with poached quails egg and a Smoked potato dumpling Home cured Salmon Gravlax
With sweetcorn Fritter, pomegranate, blood orange mousse, Heritage baby beetroot, rouille, bronze fennel candied lemon, cress


Duo of kidney
Pan seared lambs & ox Kidneys with celeriac puree, boulangere potatoes, baba ganoush, shaved lardo, artichoke crisp, radish tadpoles and espagnole sauce

Deconstructed Fish Pie
Poached cod, smoked haddock, clams and shrimps with a creamy veloute, tomato concasse, ice lettuce, pea puree, salt baked sweet potato puree


Tapioca Pudding
With a spiced apple & cinnamon filled tuile and a strawberry, vanilla and mascarpone macaroon

Queen of puddings
A vanilla crème anglaise with malva pudding glazed Italian meringue, spun sugar, dehydrated fruits and a Armagnac shot.